Golden Afternoon

Golden Afternoon

Golden Afternoon is a stylish 19th-century picnic, that allows you to experience a wonderful, one-of-a-kind adventure!

Our picnic is an event relating to all of the phenomena connected with the 19th century, during which all of the participants can experience the atmosphere of this exceptional era and become a part of it. Thanks to numerous attractions that refer both to authentic history of this period, calling upon famous characters from the world of art and to the love of fiction of the period, that was founded in a unfeigned curiosity of the world and future, we hope to spark an interest in these revolutionary times and encourage to come in active contact with history. The event also allows for exploration of historical landmarks in which it takes places every year.

The idea of the picnic includes treating the 19th century and the fashion of the period in an open way – as a source of inspiration for people who want to spend some time in stylish costumes, enjoying the charms of the palace and park as well as the attraction we prepare. We hope that thanks to that the event will be a pleasant and fun time for everyone that takes part in it.

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The last Golden Afternoon took place in 2017.
Currently the event organization is on hiatus until further notice.

Golden Afternoon in previous years:

Participants of the Golden Afternoon in 2017:

Presidential Manor:

The programme of the 5th Golden Afternoon included:

— 19th-century photography in Retro Atelier — a lecture about the 19th-century Polish city
— lecture about the Marszałkowicz family, former owners — samovar tea brewing demonstration
— screening of the „Confessions of a wasted youth”, a Victorian comedy — violin concert

as well as regular elements of the fun, including: Sheikh’s oriental tent, evening ball dance and dance class, joint fashion show, elections of the most elegant gentleman and already traditional group photo of all participants of the picnic.

Participants of the Golden Afternoon in 2016:

(photo taken with an authentic 19th-century techniqe of wet surface collodion on a glass plate by the Retro Atelier)

Sieraków Manor:

The programme of the 4th Golden Afternoon (that stretched also to the previous evening and next morning) included:

— 2-hands and 4-hands grand-piano concert of 19th-century music — workshops for the youngest
— lectures on steampunk literature and fashion — traditional 19th-century glass-plate photography
— Wonderland of the Exquisite Atelier of Image — performances of the string Galician Quartet
— unfailing Mad Artisans and equally capable Wunderkammer — “Clockwork heart”, a steampunk theatre play

and regular parts of our fun, including: Sheikh’s Oriental Tent, evening balldance and dancing workshops, joint fashion show, most elegant gentleman election. For the second time we had a group commemorative photo of all guests taken – this time using the traditional 19th-century wet plate collodion technique

Participants of the Golden Afternoon in 2015:

(photo by Dorota Czarnecka)

Śmiłowice Palace:

The programme of the 3rd Golden Afternoon included:

— steampunk workshops for the older and younger — Living Diorama of the Krynolina group
— discussion on the 19th century representation in pop-culture — commemorative group photo of all of the guests
— Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts — gypsy tent with story-telling and tarot cards
— Maharaja’s suite and traditional Hindu dance show — „Seance”, an oniric-spiritistic theatre play

and other, including regular elements of our fun, such as: Sheikh’s Oriental Tent, evening balldance and dance class, Mad Artisans stall, joint fashion show, most elegant gentleman election. This year, for the first time, we managed to gather almost all of the events participants for a commemorative group photo!

Goetz Okocimski Palace:

The programme of the 2nd Golden afternoon included:

— lectures about history, steampunk, and presentation of the first telephone — harp concert by Elżbieta Baklarz
— 19th century underwear show and screening of the film “The Morrow Lost” — the Queen of Heart’s garden
— Jane Austen Dance School performance and dance workshops — meeting with Telimena
— meeting with owls and birds of prey — mad scientist’s flying machine
— “Memoirs of Wilhelmine Harker”, a gothic theatre play — a story by the secretary of famous Grimm Brothers

and other, including regular elements of the Golden Afternoon like: Sheikh’s Oriental tent, Mad Artisans stall, evening ball or joint fashion show and most elegant gentleman election.

Żeleński Palace:

The programme of the 1st Golden Afternoon included:

— interviews with Helena Modrzejewska and Fileas Fogg — Isadora Duncan’s dance show
— 19-century historical painter’s atelier — readings of classical 19th-century literature
— gentlemanly duel — retro cinema screening of the film “Chained by the corsets”
— 19th-century literature fairy-tale characters — acoustic concert of the Victorians band
— absinthe tasting overwatched by the Green Fairy — Jane Austen Dance School performance

and others, including elements that became constants on all other Golden Afternoons, including: Sheikh’s Oriental Tent, evening balldance, Mad Artisans stall or most elegant gentleman election.

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