Vita Cromeri, Spectacle of Marcin Kromer

Vita Cromeri spektacle of Marcin Kromer

A new play by our Theatre, placed in Renaissance setting, has been dedicated to Marcin Kromer – an eminent character of that period in Poland. The spectacle was prepared for the city of Biecz on an occasion of Kromer’s birthday’s anniversary. Play’s glamour was produced mainly by costumes, which spectacularly recalled the atmosphere of the 16th century. Except Marcin Kromer an important part was played by Catherine Jagiellon, daughter of the king Sigismund I the Old and Bona Sforza.

“Vita Cromeri”, Nomina Rosae Theatre, 2012
Directed by: Maria MOLENDA,
Written by: Donato DE MOULIN
Jan Korwin KOCHANOWSKI – Marcin Kromer
Justyna STASIK – Catherine Jagiellon
Sławomir BENDYKOWSKI – John III Finnish
Michał NOWAK – Young Kromer
Mieczysław Filipczyk – Academia Professor
Krystyna KOSECKA i Jan PELCZAR – Kromer’s parents
Katarzyna BORSTYN, Katarzyna SANOCKA, Anna KRAJEWSKA, Urszula CZECHANOWSKA-WOLAK, Maciej WALASEK, Józef WIĘCŁAWEK, Piotr MĘDERAK – Princess Catherine’s Courtiers
Adam WIELICKI – Bishop’s Courtier
and Andzej MĘŻYK – Student.

Costumes: Maria MOLENDA
Choreography: Katarzyna BORSTYN
Hair-styling: Urszula CZECHANOWSKA-WOLAK

"Vita Cromeri", dir. M. Molenda, 2012

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