The aim of the “FASHIONS. Antique clothes and fashion accessories from the Nomina Rosae collection and private collections from the years 1870–1950” was to present mainly the fashion of Nowy Sącz townsmen, that’s why we exhibited there mostly objects connected with the former citizens of Nowy Sącz.

At the exhibition we had dresses, men’s clothes, underwear, fashion accessories (incl. handbags, fans, gloves) and also photos that immortalized often very stylish attires of the citizens of Sącz.

At the exhibition we presented objects from the Foundation’s collections; among them gifts presented by: Mrs Marta Kalarus, Mrs Katarzyna Kalczyńska, Mrs Ewa Kustron de Ramos, Mrs Monika Ślepiak, Mrs Alicja Derkowska and Mr Tadeusz Kopiec. Also items from private collections were presented, lent for the period of exhibition by: Mrs Magda Miller, Mrs & Mr Znamirowki, Mrs Katarzyna Kalczyńska, Mrs Marta Kalarus i Mrs Anna Ombachowa, and also Mr Tadeusz Kopiec and Mrs&Mr Maja and Łukasz Kopiec, whom we greatly thank for their help, favor and support of the Foundation.

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