The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass

Short story “Looking Glass” is inspired by the atmosphere of Isaac B. Singer’s stories for children. It’s an attempt to bring back the mood of the pre-war homes of Jewish people of Poland.

Hindele – main protagonist, narrator and events’ spectator remembers the fate of her family. She tells the story of his wise brother Isaac, who – recommended by a melamed in Nowy Sącz – moves to study in Kraków, where he meets his future wife. Coy and pious youngster agreed to be wedded almost against his will. The wife died in labour and Issac – blaming himself for her death – devotes himself completely to prayers and work, neglecting two little daughters, who entered the world on this ill-fated day. Hndele knew that his brothers behaviour and his moving away from the children is against beautiful Jewish traditions. The woman – suffering from the emotional separation of the family – decides to turn the misfortune around.

The “Looking Glass” play is a monodrama, in which main part is narrated and voiced by the protagonist, sometimes personating different colourful types of the old world. The brother’s and wife’s characters appear sporadically and are symbolically invoked by light changes.

“The Looking Glass” (a.k.a. “Hindełe”), Nomina Rosae Theatre, 2015
based on a short story by Maria MOLENDa,
adapted and directoed by: Barbara SZEWCZYK,
Justyna STASIK – Hindełe
Józef WIĘCŁAWEK – Izaak
Karolina ŻEBROWSKA / Agnieszka GÓRKA – Sara

screenplay&adaptation: Maria MOLENDA, Barbara SZEWCZYK
light: Barbara SZEWCZYK
stage design: Filip PRZYBYŁKO

"Looking Glass"/"Hindełe", dir. B. Szewczyk, 2015

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