War-time Nowy Sącz

War-time Nowy Sącz is a project carried out in the years 2021–2022 thanks to a grant received from the german EVZ Foundation (Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft) within the local.history program. The project is a kind of a case study of one Polish city in the period of German occupation during the II World War. Within the project we have created a website containing a map of Nowy Sącz with educational paths; besides that the website contains popular scientific papers and biographies of people connected with Nowy Sącz, over one hundred archival photographs, three short movies, testimonies of witnesses of history and ready-to-use lesson scenarios, as well as other kinds of sources and materials from the occupation period.

Golden Afternoon

Golden Afternoon is a stylish 19th-century picnic that will let you experience a unique one-of-a-kind adventure! Our picnic is an event relating to all of the phenomena connected with the 19th century, during which all of the participants can experience the atmosphere of this exceptional era and become a part of it. Thanks to numerous attractions that refer both to authentic history of this period, calling upon famous characters from the world of art and to the love of fiction of the period, that was founded in a unfeigned curiosity of the world and future, we hope to spark an interest in these revolutionary times and encourage to come in active contact with history. The event also allows for exploration of historical landmarks in which it takes places every year.

Shtetl of Tsanz

“Shtetl of Tsanz” is a historical programme in the years 2014–2021 carried out within the Nomina Rosae Foundation. The programme’s aim is to popularize Jewish culture and religion among the citizens of Sącz and everyone interested as well as presentation of material and spiritual contribution of Jewish people in the development of Nowy Sącz. The Shtetl of Tsanz includes also history and traditions of other minorities inhabiting the Sądecka Land for centuries; the Lemko, the Roma and people of Protestant faith.

Labyrinth of History

“The Labyrinth of History” is an exceptional educational project, aimed above all at young people, dedicated to presentation of important phenomena and events in the history of Poland, especially its relations with neighboring countries. Its goal is to teach and propagate the culture of peace and to introduce modern historical education, which should allow the young people to develop the openness to dialoge, mature patriotism and deeper understanding of historical processes. Up to this point our Foundation in cooperation with Lesser-Poland’s Cultural Centre SOKÓŁ has organized twelve “Labyrinth of History” programmes.

Young Ambassadors of Tolerance

„Shtetl of Tsanz – Young Ambassadors of Tolerance” is a project carried out by the Foundation in 2015 and 2016 within the „Citizens for Democracy” programme operating based on the EEA Funds („Norway grants”), in which a group of 20-something young people from the Sądecczyzna region graduated from a course preparing them for the role of the Ambassadors of Tolerance of the Shtetl of Tsanz, propagating the knowledge of multi-cultural history of the region and ideas of tolerance and fighting hatred in their own environments.

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