Early Fashion Charm

Dawnej Mody Czar

At the Early Fashion Charm exhibition we present reconstructed early garments from the Nomina Rosae atelier.

Early Fashion Charm is a kind of a walk through the history of european fashion, presenting in chronological order the garments of various eras, thus allowing the visitors to observe the ongoing changes and how the most important phenomena in fashion history appeared. At the exposition we can se the courtly ensembles from the Middle Ages, rich Renaissance Italian dresses, kontusz and żupan (Polish national garments), women’s clothing from the 18th century and creations of the 19th century women’s fashion.

The exhibition inaugurated the activities of the House of History created in Nowy Sącz by the Nomina Rosae Foundation in 2015, after that it was presented in Krosno (2016), Limanowa (2017) and in Lewoca, Slovakia (2017–2018)

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