Snow Queen

Snow Queen

The “Snow Queen” is a road tale, a story of Gerda – a young girl who, driven by a faithful emotion sets on a journey to find her friend. A magical story by Hans Christian Andersen re-told in a very uncanny way will definitely captivate not only children, but also adults of all ages.

The “Snow queen” is the first play prepared together by our Foundation and the Ada Sari Culture and Arts Centre in Stary Sącz, within our joint project – historical and costume theatre “Storia”.

“Snow Queen”, Storia Theatre, 2014,
Directed by: Łukasz GŁĄB
Stageplay: Maria MOLENDA
Karolina FORTUNA/Aleksandra PowęzkPOWĘZKA – Snow Queen
Magdalena SZCZEPANEK – Gerda
Marta KONTNY – Flower Fairy
Wojciech Michno – Reindeer
Aneta GIERAT – Princess
Rafał PAWŁOWSKI – Crow
Karolina LISIK – The Little Robber Girl
Justyna STASIK/Joanna SITKO – The Shaman Woman
And also Artur SMOŁUCHA, Agata DUDA, Katarzyna MIKOŁAJCZAK, Małgorzata DOROSIEWICZ & Katarzyna SANOCKA

Stage design: Filip PRZYBYŁKO
Costumes: Maria MOLENDA

”Snow Queen”, dir. Ł. Głąb, 2014

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