Institute for Research on Polish Dress

Instytut Badań nad Ubiorem Polskim

Institute for Research in Polish Dress is a new initiative of the Nomina Rosae Foundation, which goal is to create a centre for documentation and popularization of knowledge on the history of fashion in Poland.

Institute’s goals

The Institute will realize its goals by documenting and researching the history of garments worn in Poland and lands historically connected with Poland and also by organizing:

– lectures
– workshops
– seminars
– conferences

Institute’s goal is also to create a virtual museum of fashion, which will also be an Internet platform presenting Polish collections of garments and historical accessories, those owned by the museums as well as those owned by private collectors. The web page apart from chosen items (photographs, videos) will contain corresponding descriptions of pieces of clothing and accessories, articles and descriptions of museum and private collections.

The research findings and scientific articles will be published on the Foundation’s website in the form of annual e-release along with their English translations, so that the history of fashion in Poland – and by extension Polish history and culture – may be presented to foreign researchers.

Scientific supervisor

Institute’s supervisor is Beata Biedrońska-Słotowa, Ph.D, art historian, for many years a head of textile department of the National Museum in Krakow. Originator of such exhibitions as “Orient in Polish art”, “After fashion throughout the centuries”, “Ethereal beauty”, “Turkish Contexts”, “Sarmatism. Daydream of grandeur”, “Golden Age of Rzeczpospolita” (an exhibition in Madrid inaugurating Polish Presidency in the EU) and others.

History of fashion in Poland is an exciting subject of research, allowing for the deepened perception of the culture and customs of our country and delving into the old, colorful mosaic of tastes and specific nature of national tradition.


We heartily invite you to help us create the Institute by:

– scientific collaboration
– participating in its activites
– co-funding its development

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