Shtetl of Tsanz

The Shtetl of Tsanz

The “Shtetl of Tsanz” is an original historical programme of dr Łukasz Połomski in the years 2014–2021 carried out within the Nomina Rosae Foundation. The programme’s aim is to popularize Jewish culture and religion among the citizens of Sącz and everyone interested as well as presentation of material and spiritual contribution of Jewish people in the development of Nowy Sącz. The Shtetl of Tsanz includes also history and traditions of other minorities inhabiting the Sądecka Land for centuries; the Lemko, the Roma and people of Protestant faith.

Within the project, conferences, workshops and meetings were organized both for young people and adults as well. Through historical education and events connected with Jewish culture and religion, the participants were able to discover the richness of multi-ethnic Sądecczyzna region with us.

The programme was created in patnership with: Voivodeship Pedagogical Library in Nowy Sącz, Professional Self-government Association, SOKÓŁ Lesser Poland Cultural Centre, Regional Museum in Nowy Sącz and others.

In 2022 the Shtetl of Tsanz Association (Stowarzyszenie Sądecki Sztetl) was created that continues working in the field of education and commemoration.

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Our Activities

The Shtetl of Tsanz organizes meetings, author’s meetings, lectures, debates, conferences and film screenings. All of that to promote knowledge about the history and culture of the multi-ethnic Sądecczyzna.

Within the Shtetl of Tsanz commemoration ceremonies of important events in the multicultural history of the region are organized in Sądecczyzna. Shtetl for years have been initiating and supporting creation of permanent commemorations such as monuments and plaques.

Along the work of the Shtetl of Tsanz we carried out film projects by which we hoped to not only popularize the knowledge about the local Jewish community history and culture, but also to present our actions and projects to a wider audience.

In Ahasuerus’ gootsteps

“In Ahasuerus’ footsteps” (2015 – 2016, dir. Barbara Szewczyk) is a film documenting the course of the „Shtetl of Tsanz – Young Ambassadors of Tolerance” project carried out by the Nomina Rosae Foundation in 2015 and 2016 (…)

Sądecki Sztetl

The „Shtetl of Tsanz” movie (2014, dir. Barbara Szewczyk) is a story of the pre-war Jewish Nowy Sącz. We are guided through this mysterious town – tragically wiped out by the cruelties of World War II – by Łukasz Połomski, a historian from Nowy Sącz, expert on the Jewish community of Nowy Sącz(…)

Below also some film materials on the activities of the Shtetl of Tsanz:

I don't know my death – ghetto liquidation anniversary

“I don’t know my death” – anniversary ceremonies organized in Nowy Sącz on the 75th anniversary of Nowy Sącz ghetto liquidation by the Nomina Rosae Foundation within the Shtetl of Tsanz programme. Material produced by RTK in Nowy Sącz

75 years ago the pre-war Nowy Sącz died

„75 years ago the pre-war Nowy Sącz died” is a material produced by RTK in Nowy Sącz during the commemoration of the 75th, anniversary of Nowy Sącz ghetto liquidation. An interview with Łukasz Połomski, director of the Shtetl of Tsanz

Below we present books released by the Foundation as a result of projects undertaken within the Shtetl of Tsanz programme

”Bloodied feathers”

Markus Lustig

The book “Bloodied feathers” by Markus Lustig, we published in Polish in 2016 (published for the first time in Hebrew in 2012 in Israel) is an incredible life story of one of the last Holocaust survivors of the Nowy Sącz Jewish community told after many years by himself.

”Remembering for the future”

collective work

„Remembering for the future. Jewish history of Sądecczyzna; contexts – references – reflections” is a book published (in 2016) as a part of the „Shtetl of Tsanz – Young Ambassadors of Tolerance” poject carried out by the Foundation in 2015 and 2016.

details of the project in theEducation/Young Ambassadors of Tolerance tab)

In its work the Shtetl of Tsanz undertakes charitable actions to help people in need in the region. Including annual fundraising entitled “Shtetl Santa” and “Chaim’s Tzedakah” referencing the charitable activities of Chaim Halberstam, famous tzaddik of Nowy Sącz.

„Shtetl of Tsanz – Young Ambassadors of Tolerance” is a project carried out by the Foundation in 2015 and 2016 within the „Citizens for Democracy” programme operating based on the EEA Funds („Norway grants”), in which a group of 20-something young people from the Sądecczyzna region graduated from a course preparing them for the role of the Ambassadors of Tolerance of the Shtetl of Tsanz, propagating the knowledge of multi-cultural history of the region and ideas of tolerance and fighting hatred in their own environments.

Read more about the project in the Education/Young Ambassadors of Tolerance tab Below a small gallery of project’s photos and information materials:

In 2014 in the “Shtetl of Tsanz” we invited you for 5 „Meetings with Jewish holidays”, where we learned together about the traditions connected with the yearly cycle of Jewish holidays through workshops, lectures, theatrical plays and discussions. Trying to open up to dialog together with invited members of Nowy Sącz clergy of different Christian congregations, who discussed the importance of Jewish traditions for Christians.

In 2015 in the “Shtetl of Tsanz” we invited you for 3 meetings from the “Pulse of Life” series, where we delved into the traditions and customs of Jewish culture connected with the cycle of life of every person from birth through wedding until burial. The meetings were enriched not only by lectures, but also with artistic performances – theatrical plays and film screenings. We met in MCK SOKÓŁ, in Bajs Nusn Prayer House and in the House of History.

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