Everyday life under occupation

Codzienność pod okupacją

The „Everyday life under occupation Nowy Sącz 1939–1945” exhibition was created in the House of History in 2016 to show the everyday life of the people of Nowy Sącz in these had and terrible years, struggles and problems of ordinary civilians, their fight to survive and to keep their humanity. The exhibition presented i.a.: how the city looked like before the war, what happened in the months directly preceding the German agression, how the occupant’s repressions influenced the life of people in all its aspects (not only through direct physical danger, but also through destructive cultural and economical politics), how the rights and freedom of Jewish people closed in the ghetto and deported in the end from the city to the death camp were restricted, how the underground movements in the city was fought with and finally how Nowy Sącz met the end of the war and the upcoming years of Soviet control.

Who in Nowy Sącz was buried with highest Nazi honors in the autumn of 1939? How were the Jagiellońska street and the Market Square named? Why was the underground activity particularily hard in Nowy Sącz? Why did the Germans post the lists of names that were to be sentenced to death in the future? Who and why blew up the Nowy Sącz? Answers to these and many other questions can be found at the exhibtion in the House of History.

The „Everyday life under occupation Nowy Sącz 1939–1945” exhibition, House of History, 21 Pijarska str., Nowy Sącz; Nomina Rosae Foundation, September 2016.

The exhibition was created thanks to the patronage of Mr Charles Merrill and was organized under honorary patronage of Mr Ryszard Nowak, president of the city of Nowy Sącz. The exhibition was presented in partnership with National Archive in Kraków Nowy Sącz branch, Voivodeship Pedagogical Library in Nowy Sącz, and Józef Szujski Public Library in Nowy Sącz, Regional Museum in Nowy Sącz and Evangelical-Augsburg Parish in Nowy Sącz
The exhibition was created also thanks to help and support given us by mrs Marta Kalarus, mrs Izabela Czajkowska, mrs Barbara Fyda, Emaus Community Nowy Sącz, mr Przemysław Żak, mrs Anna Kozaczka with her mater, Artur Franczak head of the Voivodeship Pedagogical Library, mr Maciej Zaremba
The organizers want to offer a very special ‘thank you’ to mrs Alicja Derkowska.

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