Lutherans in Nowy Sącz

Luteranie w Nowym Sączu

The ”Lutherans in Nowy Sącz” exhibition was created in the Hpuse of History in 2017, in the year of 500th anniversary of the Reformation, to present the history of the Evangelical community , who helped create the historo of Nowy Sącz and Sądecczyzna region for more than two centuries. Protestants were a small religious group, but their social activity was impressive. Many of them greatly contributied to the development of Nowy Sącz, sufficient to mention Konrad Aleksander, Wilma Uhl and Johan Johannides. The exhibition was created as a tribute to the Evangelic people of Sącz, but also as a reminder that our ancestors lived in multi-faith society which enriched Nowy Sącz. The opening of the exhibition also marked the beginning of the 12th Labyrinth of History entitled “Between obedience and searching. History of religion”

“Lutherans in Nowy Sącz. Over 200 years of presence” exhibition, House of History, 21 Pijarska str., Nowy Sącz; Nomina Rosae Foundation, September 2017.

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