The legend of Becz the Highwayman

The Legend of Becz the Highwayman

A show, prepared on the occasion of 750th anniversary of the location of Biecz, based on legends and historical tradition about the origins of the town, connected with the figure of knight-bandit Becz.
On the occasion of 750th anniversary of location of the town of Biecz on 1.07.2007

“Legend of Becz the Highwayman”, Nomina Rosae Theatre, 2007
With participation of Jan MANCEWICZ, Wanda GRABOWSKA, Justyna DOLOT
as well as ARAMIS Fencing School and the Sącz Knighthood
Music: “Floripari” early music ensemble

"The Legend of Becz the Highwayman", dir. M. Molenda, 2007

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