Independent and Fashionable

Independent and Fashionable

“Independent and Fashionable” is a short film about the Polish women fashion and its transformation from before the World War One until 1939. The film was created as a part of the “Fashionable in Independence” exhibition, where recreated garments of the early 20th century were presented, together with authentic fashion accessories and fashion journals as well as reprints of archival photographs. Garments were recreated for the exhibition in the Nomina Rosae Atelier for Historical Garments Recreation and Costumes.

It was available for viewing from early October to the end of December 2018 in the Voivodeship Pedagogical Library in Nowy Sącz and it was organized by the Pofessional Self-Govenrment Association, the Nomina Rosae Foundation and the Voivodeship Pedagogical Library in Nowy Sącz. Read more in the /Exhibitions/Fashionable in Independence tab

„INDEPENDENT AND FASHIONABLE”, Fundacja Nomina Rosae, 2019
Directed by: Barbara SZEWCZYK
Screenplay and costumes: Maria MOLENDA


”Independent and Fashionable”. dir. B. Szewczyk, 2019

Narrated by: Jolanta Pawlikowska
tarring: Karolina Konicka, Magdalena Kurnyta
Make-up: Anna Pawlik
Tailoring: Elżbieta Mężyk, Nomina Rosae Atelier

special thanks to mr Sławomir Bogacz, Business Photography

The archival photographs and illustrations are part of the Nomina Rosae Foundation collections and of the archives

The film is available in its entirety on our YouTube channel:

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