Saved from conflagration

Ocalone z pożogi

In 2017 the House of History presented a completely new exposition ent. „Saved from Conflagration. About books, that survived the Holocaust”, that was created on the anniversary of infamous „April Operation”

The exhibition is a moving story of people and objects doomed to be annihilated. It contains books in Hebrew, Polish and German, that used to be owned by Jewish people or were parts of Jewish private and institutional libraries’ collections. Apart from books religious items, interesting trinkets and memorabilia connected with Jewish tradition and history as well as information dedicated to Jewish literacy and printing industry in Nowy Sącz in the pre-war period found their way to the exhibition.

Vast majority of objects presented at the exhibition were parts of the private collection of mr Józef Gucwa and from the collections of the Nomina Rosae Foundation, Józef Szujski Public Library and from private collections, incl. one of mr Łukasz Kopiec.

Mr Charles Merrill was the patron of the exhibition.

The partners of the exhibition: J. Szujski Public Library, Voivodeship Pedagogical Library in Nowy Sącz, National archive in Kraków Nowy Sącz branch, National Digital Archives, Professional Self-government Association.

The organizers want to thank mr Zbigniew Oprządek from Krosno for help.

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