Mystery of Saint Kinga

The Mystery of Saint Kinga

“The play was prepared based on historical sources – documents, biographies of the saint – but it is also an interpretation of historical records. The way it was structured and the issues and threads in Kinga’s history it will touch upon is of course dictated by the analysis of the sources, that in turn pose many questions concerning the character of Kinga, her desires, her environment, her relation with God.” (excerpt from an interview given by Maria Molenda to the “Courier of Stary Sącz”

The play isa real feast for both eyes and spirit and everyone looking for things extraordinary and mystical in theatre and on stage, but also for modern issues still actual today, for beauty and love will surely not be disappointed.

The premiere of “The Mystery of Saint Kinga” by Storia Theatre took place on March 15, 2015 in Sokół of Stary Sącz.

“The Mystery of Saint Kinga”, Storia Theatre, 2015,
Directed by: Maria MOLENDA, Barbara SZEWCZYK
Written by: Maria MOLENDA
Justyna STASIK Kinga
duke Bolesław
Aneta GIERAT – duchess Grzymisława
Wojciech MICHNO – Klemens of Ruszcza
Marta KONTNY – Queen Maria of Hungary
Józef WIĘCŁAWEK – duke Leszek the Black
and also Karolina LISIK, Magda SZCZEPANEK, Aleksandra POWĘZKA, Małgorzata SZKOTAK, Joanna SITKO, Maciej RUTKOWSKI
as well as Karolina LACH and Olaf OLCHAWA.

Stage design: Filip PRZYBYŁKO
Choreography: Katarzyna SANOCKA
Costumes: Maria MOLENDA

"The Mystery of Saint Kinga", dir. M. Molenda, B. Szewczyk, 2015

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