Folk Fashion

Collection for the Lesser Poland Tourism Organization, 2014

The collection was inspired by themes drawn from folk art and traditional clothing of the Sądeckie Lachy, Polish Uplanders and Lemkos ethnic groups and was created for the Lesser Poland Tourism Organization (MTO) in 2014.

Designs: Maria Molenda

Tailoring: Elżbieta Mężyk

Karpatissima, 2010

Collection of 13 creations, inspired by motifs drawn from folk art as well as from the wealth of carpathian nature, created specifically for the 2nd Multimedial Festival KarpatyOffer in 2010 and presented with two fashion-shows: in Nowy Sącz and in Mszana Dolna.

Designs: Maria Molenda and Donate de Moulin (Maymerlin)

Make-up: Magdalena Bodziony

Shows’ choreography: Katarzyna Borstyn

Our models: Justyna Mróz, Joanna Jurczak, Anna Jurczak, Monika Mróz, Alicja Klich, Katarzyna Sikora, Anna Nowak.

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