Stańczyk’s Petty Love-Affairs

Stańczyk's Petty Love-Affairs

A funny short story about the romantic andventures of the famous jester and other royal courtiers. King Sigimundus I and Bona’s, temperament Italian lady, court. A new maiden – Katarzyna – arrives. Beautiful lady-in-waiting quickly bewitches Stańczyk with her charms – the feeling is not mutual, however, as Kasia is in love with a young king’s courtsman. Meanwhile, Stańczyk himself is an object of passion of a fearsome and jealous hofmeister-lady..

The play premiered in 2012. Prepared for the Historical Museum of Kraków as a part of the Long Night of the Museums.

“Stańczyk’s petty love-affairs”, Nomina Rosae Theatre, 2012
Written by: Donato DE MOULIN, Maria MOLENDA
Directed by: Maria MOLENDA / Barbara SZEWCZYK
Cast (since 2015):
Rafał PAWŁOWSKI – Stańczyk,
Marta KONTNY – Queen Bona,
Katarzyna SANOCKA – Lady-in-waiting Kasia,
Justyna STASIK – Lady-in-waiting Justyna,
Józef WIĘCŁAWEK – Lord Dummy,
Jakub SOKOŁOWSKI – Beautiful Courtier,
Aleksandra POWĘZKA – hofmeister-lady.

choreography: Katarzyna SANOCKA
costumes: Maria MOLENDA

"Stańczyk's Petty Love-Affairs", reż. B. Szewczyk, 2015

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