Our releases – books, folders, prints and album releases.

Book releases

Books prepared by the Nomina Rosae Foundation They include books from the fields of history (including local history, history of clothing and personal stories of people connected with Nowy Sącz) as well as art and culture.

"Bloodied feathers"

Markus Lustig

"Remembering for the future"

collective work

"Nowy Sącz album of fashion"

Maria Molenda


collective work

The book “Bloodied feathers” by Markus Lustig, we published in Polish in 2016 roku (published for the first time in Hebrew in 2012 roku in Israel) is an incredible life story of one of the last Holocaust survivors of the Nowy Sącz Jewish community told after many years by himself.

“Remembering for the Future. Jewish history of Sądecczyzna; contexts – references – reflections” is a book published (in 2016) as a part of the „Shtetl of Tsanz – Young Ambassadors of Tolerance” project carried out by the Foundation in 2015 and 2016.

“Nowy Sącz album of fashion Clothing of the citizens in 19th and at the beginning of 20th century” by Maria Molendy PhD (2012 r.), head of our Foundation, is an album containg reproduced photographs from family albums of citizens of Nowy Sącz, presenting the way people dressed over a hundred years ago, being also a contribution to further studies in that direction conducted by dr Molenda and the Foundation.

“Amicissima. Studia Magdalenase Piwocka oblata” is a two-volume collection of scientific articles published in Kraków (2010) about art history and history dedicated to dr Magdalena Piwocka.

Foundation's historical calendars

"Charming 19th century"

year 2018

"Hour of the crimson rose"

year 2017

"Corridors of time"

year 2013

"Tempted by the Renaissance"

year 2012

“Charming 19th century” is the Foundation’s calendar for 2018, containing the photographs of 19th-century garments and costumes from Nomina Rosae atelier taken by various photographers, we had the occasion to work with.
2018 calendar we dedicate to the memory of Mr Charles Merrill

“Hour of the crimson rose” – Foundation’s desk calendar for 2017. It contains 13 reprints of historical photographs from photo ateliers in Nowy Sącz from the 19th and beginning of the 20th century from the collections of the Foundation

“Corridors of Time” is a calendar that the Foundation prepared for 2013. It contains our outfits from Middle Ages to the 19th century.

“Tempted by the Renaissance”, Foundation’s calendar for 2012, illustrated with the photographs of Renaissance garments and costumes created in the Atelier for Recreation of Historical Garments and Costumes.

Okładki książek

Book covers we have created or were invited to participate in creation of.

„Maryna Mniszchówna” Aleksander Hirschberg

2nd edition, rok 2017

„Damy polskiego imperium” Kamil Janicki

rok 2017

„Damy złotego wieku” Kamil Janicki

rok 2014

Wydawnictwo Naukowe UMK publishing house

Photo of Maryna Mniszech for the cover was made by us on the commision of the Publisher.

Model: Justyna Mróz
Stylization: Maria Molenda
Dress: Nomina Rosae Atelier
Make-up: Anna Pawlik
Photo: Stanisław Rozpędzik

published by Znak Horyzont

Photo of Jadwiga of Poland in coronation attire for the cover was created during a photoshoot organized by the Publisher which we had a plaseure to take part in.

Model: Thinloth
Stylization: Maria Molenda
Costume: Nomina Rosae Atelier
Make-up: Anna Pawlik
Photo & postproduction: Agnieszka Rzymek
Photoshoot producer: Magdalena Madej-Reputakowska
Coat and i insignia from the Polish History Museum collections
Insignia: Łukasz Lewandowski LORIFACTOR

published by Znak Horyzont

Photo of the young Bona Sforza for the cover was made by us on the comission of the Publisher.

Model: Anna Knybel
Stylization: Maria Molenda
Dress: Pracownia Nomina Rosae
Make-up: Karolina Szypuła
Photo: Stanisław Rozpędzik

”Labyrinth of History” folders

The “Labyrinth of History” is an educational and artistic programme organized together with the SOKÓŁ Lesser Poland Cultural Centre in Nowy Sącz for over 10 years now, its one of the biggest and most important undertakings of our Foundation, started almost at the very beginning of Foundation’s existence and continued ever since. Every edition, touching upon a different important, often controversial part of Polish history and its relationship with the neighbouring countries, is accompanied by a folder, that describes in details the discussed topic. Every folder contains not only the schedule of the programme, but also short abstracts of the lectures of invited guests or factual information connected with the everyday life of given period. Everything is richly illustrated with iconography connected with the period the particular Labyrinth deals with.

Independent Heart – Polish paths to Independence

13th Labyrinth – 2018

Between obedience and searching. The history of religion

12th Labyrinth – 2017

Women's History – Women in History

11th Labyrinth – 2016

Political Games. Congress of Vienna 1815

10th Labyrinth – 2015

Family in the Face of War 1914–1918

9th Labyrinth – 2014

To capture. To record. To not forget. 150th Anniversary of the January Uprising

VIII edycja – 2013

Moscow 1612

7th Labyrinth – 2012


6th Labyrinth – 2011

Rulers of 1410

5th Labyrinth – 2010


4th Labyrinth – 2009


3rd Labyrinth – 2008


2nd Labyrinth – 2007

Teutonic Order

1st Labyrinth – 2006

You can find more info about the programme and details about each one of the „Labyrinths of History” on the website:


Nomina Rosae – promotional folder


With Nowy Sącz throughout the ages


Early Fashion Charm

House of History, 2015

"Polish and Ruthenian chants"

Camerata Cracovia, 2012

“Nomina Rosae Foundation Early Culture Garden” is a folder prepared at the beginning of 2017 with numerous illustrations presenting the crucial parts of Foundation’s work and biograms of people involved in it.

“With Nowy Sącz Throughout the Ages” is a little folder released when the House of History was opened in Nowy Sącz (August 2015). It contains a short description of the town’s history and it;s most important turning points, illustrated with reprinted archival photographs.

The “Early Fashion Charm” exhibition presenting recreated early garments from the Nomina Rosae atelier inaugurated the work of Foundation’s House of History in August 2015.
The exhibition included courtly outfits from the Middle Ages, rich Renaissance Italian dresses, kontusz and żupan (Polish national garments) and creations of the 19th century women’s fashion. The folder contains the informative texts accompanying the exhibition and photographs of selected garments.

CD album “Polish and Ruthenian Chants” recorded in 20xx by the Camerata Cracovia ensemble and containing songs prepared based on early Polish and Ruthenian songs preserved in 17th-century manuscripts reinterpreted by Ireneusza Trybulec, lute player and lead of the ensemble.

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