Faustus & Margaret

Faustus & Margaret

“Faustus and Margaret” is a new approach to the legend of Faustus – a story reaching to 16th century about the doctor of sciences who, chasing youth, might and power sells his soul to the devil. The faustian myth was told in many different ways in literature i.a. by Christopher Marlowe and Johann Goethe, but also in many operatic, theatric and cinematic works In various versions the story of life of Faustus, his pact with the devil and disavowal of God become a pretext for reflection upon aspects of human life, religion, civilization, culture and morality. In the story of Faustus also the character of Margaret (Gretchen) is very important – of a young girl whom Faustus seduces and brings to damnation.

What’s happening to Faustus at the end of 21st century? Where is he and where is he going? Will he be able to reach his goal? What does he think about the problems he thought so important from the perspective of his longevous life How does his deal with Mefistofeles look like after 500 years and did he settle an account of the harm he caused Margaret?

„FAUSTUS AND MARGARET”, Nomina Rosae Theatre, 2017
Written and directed by: Maria MOLENDA
Aleksandra POWĘZKA – Faustus
Justyna STASIK – Margaret
Maciej WALASEK – Mefisto

Multimedia: Maciej WALASEK
Costumes and set: Maria MOLENDA, Elżbieta MĘŻYK

The play was created within the 12th Labyrinth of History “Between obedience and searching – the history of religion”

"Faustus and Margaret", dir. M. Molenda, 2017

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